We have developed a custom application that downloads all of the active IDX listings from the RIMAOR MLS database - every 24 hours. These listings are then automatically sent to our servers and can be distributed through MountainRETS.com to our clients' websites - Including Yours!

We will set up your contact information and photo as a template within our server and provide you with a single web page that you or your web designer can easily add to your website. By linking to this page, your visitors will see all of the MLS listings on your website without having to open up a new window or venture off to another website.

We've set up a sample client website so you can fully test our MLS Search. To view our sample website, click here.

Additional Questions:

What kind of searches will clients be able to do through my website?

Your clients will be able to specify search criteria such as Area, Property Type, Price Range, Bedrooms, Baths or even a specific MLS number. After specifying their search they can sort the results by Price, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, Year Built, Area or Property Type. All of the results will have your name, phone number and e-mail address to allow your clients to quickly communicate their real estate needs to you. If your client clicks on a listing, it will provide them with additional details on the listing, along with photos and several additional features. These features include the ability to request more information, print out the listing in a presentable format and even send the listing to a friend.

All of the data is automatically updated from the MLS every 24 hours. This means you and your client won’t have to worry about outdated listings or unreliable information. It’s all handled automatically.

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