R.E.T.S. or Real Estate Transaction Standard is a data format that allows listing information to be gathered from the Rim O' The World Association of REALTORS® server and transferred to a member's website. With our R.E.T.S. search in place on your website, your clients will be able to search through all active IDX listings in the MLS - currently over 1,000* total listings! This includes Residential, Condominium, Mobile Home, Commercial, Business Opportunity, Lot and Dock listings.

Best of all, clients don’t have to leave your website to get the data they need. This means that a client will be able to have your contact information on all of the listings, including your name, e-mail address, phone numbers and your photo - all on a page that maintains the look and feel of your website. Don’t send your visitors to other websites to gather property information! Let your website serve your clients the way it is meant to.

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*Number of active listings dependent on current MLS Data